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Welcome To The Digman Network

The Digman Network

Thank you for your interest in The Digman Network. Since Jo-Ann Digman founded the firm in 2004, we have been providing personalized and strategic services to our many and varied clients. We are grateful for the trust and confidence our clients have givien to us and we pledge our continued best efforts on their behalf.

The Principals of The Digman Network have extensive careers and significant experience in multiple areas of Business, Public Service and Philanthropy. When you retain The Digman Network, you can expect to receive high quality, personal service.

Mission – Driven

Advancement is an intensely personal, nurturing process that builds commitment to an organization’s mission. We believe that fundraising must be conducted in such a way that it not only secures the necessary funds, but elevates and extends your mission into the future.

Prospect – Centered

Together, we will build strategies to serve the needs and aspirations of your prospects, not the needs of some predetermined or prepackaged campaign plan or time line. We will not let you sacrifice your unique, long-term relationships in an attempt to reach short-term goals.

Comprehensive - Integrated

Our counseling services will integrate all aspects of your advancement program. We are as concerned about your annual giving programs and needs as we are about your capital program. We will help you integrate our recommendations into a comprehensive work plan so that all the pieces work together, strengthening one another.

Collaborative - Innovative

We do not believe in boilerplate solutions or formulas to campaigning, major gift work, or any other aspect of institutional advancement. We will work together to implement the most effective approach for your organization.

Counsel, Coach and Advisor

When you retain The Digman Network, you retain a named Principal, not an account executive employed by the firm. Our counseling services are intensely personal, strategic and intended to foster self-actualization--based on professionalism, integrity, and loyalty. If retained, The Digman Network will help you analyze your needs, create solutions to enhance your operation, and coach you through to successful implementation.

Strategic & Durable

By focusing on the fundamental principles of sound advancement, we will accomplish not only your immediate funding needs, but position the your organization to reap benefits long into the future. Our goal is to help you build the internal capacity and institutional commitment necessary to carry forward a prospect-centered, comprehensive advancement program long after our engagement has ended.

Give us a call or send us a note. We look forward to the opporunity to be of service to you and your mission

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